About us

A recent study shows that every third child in a low economic nation can neither write nor read. Out of the total world population, 750 million are illiterates in which two-thirds are females; young girls and women. Considering these rising figures, we, at AlphaBrains, aim to create a world where every child has access to primary education. Education is the solution to the persisting global issues such as poverty, discrimination, gender equality, and oppression. AlphaBrains primarily focuses on providing quality education to less privileged children spread across the world. We believe that better education can lead to a better world. Also, literacy enables people to reach their highest potential.  

AlphaBrains strives to impact over a million lives through its endeavors. By bridging the gaps in the educational system, we seek to create equal growth opportunities and learning experiences for girls as for boys. Our collaboration with a myriad of organizations, non-profit, governmental, corporates, and various agencies leading the global space, has helped us address the current challenges in education at the grassroots levels. With their perpetual support and assistance, we have offered the weapons and tools to develop literacy skills among children enrolled at primary schools. Furthermore, we have provided adequate support to girls to pursue and finish their secondary education successfully. Designing low-cost academic models that can be adopted by governments is one of our future plans. 


To ensure quality education to every child living in any part of the world. Work with different agencies and institutions at various levels to transform the lives of as many children as possible. 


To build a secure and self-reliant world in which every individual’ individual’s contribution is involved. 

To develop better communities and improved communication and interaction among people belonging to those communities.

Our contributors and volunteers integrate the world’s best practices from varied disciplines to accomplish our objectives better. We are a team of passionate individuals who are determined to change the way the world has lived so far. 

We are peened to introduce ourselves as a change-maker in the education sector. Our works have been published by the topmost journalists and media houses other than being recognized and appreciated by governmental, non-governmental agencies and corporates. 

"You educate a man;
You educate a man;
You educate a woman;
You educate a generation."