Alpha BRains

AlphaBrains is an established institution in the educational sphere. We seek to empower girls and women around the world through education. Our founders believe that an educated woman can contribute mainly to the development of better and sustainable communities. Statistics show that 98 million girls worldwide are not enrolled in schools. In society, the status of a woman is debatable since ages.

"Instead of changing the world, be the change you want to see the world."
John Doe

Diversity in education

There are diverse issues such as gender discrimination, cultural biases concerning females across the globe. One solution to more than half of the world’s world’s problems lies in education. This is precisely what we are working on. We offer tools and equipment that enrich the quality of living. Our primary motive is to reach out to girls and women in the backward and fewer development states and cities of the nation. Be it a school-going girl or a girl with no primary learning, we are here to assist every female whose voice is silenced by society.

Free education

We aspire young girls to build a world of their own, where they can live an independent life. Our volunteers are bringing in the best practices and innovative techniques to achieve our goals. Over the years, a multitude of organizations and institutions, companies, and various foundations, have joined hands with us to improve the way of living of many. We owe our success to our extensive network of companies and associations. 

information for all

We have plans to introduce simpler models fueled with creativity and innovation within the country’s education system. This will further accelerate the implementation of our programs that are specifically designed considering the requirements of a particular geographical region and the needs of the people.